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Little vacation to Austria


Last week we went for a great little vacation to Austria. I wanna thank my friend Katarina Lajcakova for a great accommodation at her vacation rental property in Bad Mitterndord. ( check out "Prazdninovy bungalov na prenajom v rakuskych Alpach" on Facebook)

We took 2 of our Swissy girls with us. Lollipop, our baby from litter L and Euforia that will be turning 5 years old on 19.9. as well as her siblings Tesla Tamara Kelly Dyer, Etna Vicky Etna, Elba, Everest Nicole Campbell, Eddie Alan Sand, Hudson Lisa Dufour DeFrancesco, Eron Ondřej 'Andree' Škrabánek. Happy birthday to all

It was so much fun to be able to take some of my swissies on vacation with me and that we were allowed to take them on gondola rides everywhere even on Dachstein which is in 2995m altitude. Everyone should make such a fun trip! Just make sure not to forget a muzzle.